Project Outboard

In the future Outboard Surf Club hopes to focus on preserving our planet while spreading accessibility and positivity towards water sports across the globe. To do this Project Outboard hopes to incorporate the following ideas.

Buy A Helping T

  • For each T shirt sold we donate $1 to cleaning the ocean
  • Donations go to the Plastic Ocean Project

Community Outreach Missions

  • Trips to places around the globe aimed to help innovate and rebuild educational facilities.
  • Provide water sport lessons, surfing lessons, ocean knowledge and safety, equipment where inaccessible.

Environmental Missions (beginning spring 2024)

  • Beach and reef clean ups
  • Maintaining the healthy oceanic ecosystem
  • Preserving reefs and waters, rivers, lakes and oceans.
  • Protecting endangered and at risk animals
  • For information regarding locations, date and participation please email us at
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